How To Find The Best Commercial Refrigeration Equipment For The Business?


In the line of food service industry, acquiring reliable commercial refrigeration equipment is necessary. Whether you are operating a cafeteria, convenience store or restaurant, the quality of your goods relies on the performance of your refrigeration equipment.

It is vital to keep food within safe temperatures as well as keep them attractive while on display. In making a decision on how to buy a refrigeration unit, you can talk to the Commercial Refrigeration Repair San Jose experts so they can guide you to owning that one equipment that best fits your needs. For example, they can educate you on how to consider both environmental and energy costs.

What are energy efficient but environmentally-friendly refrigerator?

Food service business normally requires more than one unit of refrigeration equipment. Often, this type of business needs considerable amount of energy to keep it running. With this knowledge, one key factor in purchasing refrigeration equipment is energy efficiency.

For a start, look for models with LED lighting or one that utilizes electronic fan motors. These types of models are considered energy efficient because these features when make sure that the refrigeration equipment uses less amount of energy to deliver optimum performance.

However, energy efficiency is not the only concern. Environmental impact must also be considered when purchasing appliances. Eco-friendly models are easy to spot; just look for units with CFC and HFC free cyclopentane foam components in them. Cyclopentane is used during manufacturing as a blowing agent. It pushes the foam insulation to doors and cases of refrigerators. The use of this component reduces the production of harmful substances responsible for depleting the ozone layer. Choosing any refrigeration equipment from environmental-conscious manufacturers is, for sure, a win-win option for your business and the environment.

Is going with a popular brand important?

Although some would say that the brand is not crucial when you know how to take care of your equipment, it is still best to know your manufacturer. There are numerous brands now offering the same products with similar promises; you just need to find one with established name and reputation. You can check a brand’s line of refrigeration equipment and visit customer forum online for feedback. Brand matters when it comes to commercial refrigerators. Always keep in mind that you are putting your stock on this important investment.

Will warranty matter?

Just like other products of technology, refrigerators do not last forever. Eventually, it will show signs of wear and tear and repair jobs might be needed. So, if you are planning to purchase a unit, ask for the warranty coverage. Unlike warranties from other products of technology, commercial refrigerators have the most extensive coverage. Some brands offer up to 3 years which include service and parts replacement. Most of the time, the warranty comes with a wide network of certified experts also who are ready to provide service at any time. Different brands offer varying warranty; just pick one that has easy-to-reach technicians.

What kind of refrigeration equipment is best?

There are various types of refrigeration equipment; from freezers, walk-coolers, and commercial refrigerators. Service managers must assess the specific needs of the business in order to find the most appropriate type of refrigeration equipment without over spending or worse, under estimating the needs of the business. If you are running a convenience store or a supermarket, take into consideration the amount of floor space you have available and how much space is needed to showcase food products. It has to fit with the purpose.

Traffic must also be considered as well as the type of food you are storing. Peak hours may bring in an endless pack of customers and so you have to be ready to accommodate them while giving them room to be able to pick items freely from your refrigerator.

Certainly, purchasing a commercial refrigerator is not an easy task. Consider the needs of your business properly before venturing out to find the right unit that best suits your needs. For more professional help, call Commercial Refrigeration Repair San Jose

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